Thursday, August 5, 2010

Northeast Channel Larval Settlement Collectors

All the larval settlement arrays in the Northeast Channel were found successfully!! We began searching for one of three arrays on August second. The arrays had been placed in 2006 on the same cruise when the array in Jordan Basin was placed. As we did not find the array in Jordan Basin a couple days ago, we were nervous that all the Northeast Channel arrays would not be found either. But finally, success!! Not long after we touched the bottom on our first dive we located a marker we’d placed near the first array, then seconds later the array was in view. The array was covered in brittle stars and some anemones. The ROPOS crew then began the meticulous process of placing the array, with the ROPOS’s robotic arms (and with minimum disturbance) into a box on the ROPOS. The process of loading the array into the box took approximately 2 hours on the sea bottom.